Cartridges For Classrooms

One Small Business's Dream To Help Schools Everywhere

Limited school funding is a problem that we are passionate about here at Rapid Refill Print Solutions, which is why we founded the Cartridges For Classrooms Program!


What if you could earn a percentage back on every ink & toner purchase that you made throughout the school year? Cartridges For Classrooms donates a percentage of your school’s purchase directly back to your school, to be used to fill the many gaps in school budgets!


How does the C4C Program work? First, teachers or school office personnel sign up for the program by filling out the form below or contacting one of our staff members by calling 503.587.0465. From there you are set up with an easy to use online ordering site. Every time someone from your school makes a purchase, a percentage is added to a special fund set up specifically for your school. At the end of the year we mail out disbursement checks to all participants! It is really that simple!


How Easy Is Online Ordering? Incredibly! Once we have a list of your printers, they are entered into your personal profile form, giving you a complete list of all of your printers and supplies in one convenient location! Organize your printers by name and/or department to make sorting a breeze. Ordering ink and toner has never been faster or more personalized. For more information, check out the demo video at the bottom of this page!


We hope you will join us in our mission to help schools get the funding that they need for the projects that matter most to them!



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