What To Expect With Rapid Refill Print Solutions?

  • “Over the Top” Customer Service – that is Rapid’s motto! Regardless of the customer’s needs, Rapid will take care of you and not stop until you are fully satisfied! Experienced in handling a wide-range of issues, Rapid Refill will take care of all of your needs until you are ready to “click” on that print job!
  • Immediate or Next Day Delivery – We strive to deliver orders to business customers within one business day of the order being placed; if you notify Rapid of an immediate need, often times orders can be delivered same day! It is a priority of ours to ensure that the flow of your business operations are not interrupted by lack of necessary supplies.
  • Toner Closets – for larger customers, Rapid provides a comprehensive solution to your supply needs. Rapid Refill will visit you once per month, at an agreed upon time and location within your facility, to re-stock a “toner closet” for you! This ensures that you will never go to grab a toner cartridge only to find that it is empty. If you believe that this solution lines up with your business needs, please contact us for more detailed information.
  • Printer Repair – Rapid Refill can fix your printer! Most people think that purchasing a new printer each time they have an issue with their current printer is the best option – however, repairing what you already own is more often than not the best solution!  Rapid Refill offers timely, on-site repairs for its customers at little to no cost!
  • Printer Sales – Rapid Refill sells a wide-range of business class machines – from refurbished HP machines, up to brand new, state of the art Xerox copiers – and everything in between! Rapid Refill will create a solution that is right for you, not one that is right for the salesman.
Need to place an order, check pricing/stock, or schedule a service call? Contact US!